Dancing with the Stars of Casper

  • Oct 24, 2020

Dancing with the Stars of Casper

Join us as local professionals and stars gather together for a night of dancing to benefit the Mercer Family Resource Center.

A fundraising event filled with dazzling entertainment (provided by local stars and professionals). All funds raised will directly benefit the Mercer Family Resource Center. Mercer Family Resource Center serves Natrona County providing education, counseling, and referral services that build stronger and healthier youth and families in our community.

Reserve your table today! Dancing with the Stars of Casper is moving full steam ahead. Not comfortable? We encourage you to still give in any way you can by participating in our silent auction (details to come), the People's Choice Award (https://bit.ly/3gJyToO) or our fund a mission. Learn more at mercercasper.com or by calling 307-265-7366

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

  • Masks: All attendees will be required to wear masks during the duration of the show.  For those guests seated at tables, they will be allowed to unmask during periods of food service.
  • Bars will run with partnered staff, one will take money the other will hand out food and drinks.
  • Buffets food will be kept behind sneeze guards and will not be self-serve.
  • Full service tables will have food served with plate coverings.
  • All eating utensils will not be pre-set, but instead will be given when food is served.
  • All staff will wear gloves in addition to masks when serving food and clearing tables.
  • Tables will be spread a minimum of 6 feet apart and will be set with max of 6 people per table. Tables will also be split into quadrants to increase distancing and limit lines at bars and drink stations
  • For events with expected attendance of over 500 people, there will be an increase of entrance points to reduce lines during ingress and egress.
  • Screening: All employees, vendors, show personnel, and talent are temperature and symptom screened upon entrance. All employees, vendors and sub-contractors will wear masks. Gloves will be worn when appropriate
  • Air Handling: Upgraded HVAC system has the ability to cycle air 6 times an hour completely removing current airflow and replacing with fresh
  • Increased Cleaning & Sanitation Procedures: All occupied restroom, concession, vending, merchandise & staff service areas will be addressed approximately every half-hour during events with disinfectant application; Increased cleaning and disinfection of all high touch services and high traffic areas between all events and sessions within events
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations will be placed throughout the building to include ingress lines, restrooms, concession stands, concourses, and arena floor
  • Social Distancing: Attendees are encouraged to practice social distancing; Event Staff will assist with redirect, slow, and disperse patrons if appropriate