Mar 07/ 2024

New Lost & Found Service at the Ford Wyoming Center Will Help Reunite Visitors with Their Missing Items

Lost and Found has been reinvented by Boomerang, and the Ford Wyoming Center has partnered with them to ensure that our visitors get their items back as quickly and easily as possible. 

You’ve felt it before. The sense of dread that washes over you when you realize you’re not holding your phone anymore. And it’s not in your pocket. And it’s not in your bag. And it’s nowhere you remember going. 

If you’ve had that feeling when an important, expensive, meaningful, or all-of-the-above item isn’t where it’s supposed to be, you know that getting it back is all you’re thinking about. 

Luckily, now you’ve got Boomerang on your side, and that’s all they’re thinking about too. All you need to do is submit a claim and then Boomerang handles the search for your item with daily updates and will alert you when it’s found. 

Boomerang is reuniting visitors with their missing items at places like Universal Studios Hollywood and international airports. Now that technology is available at the Ford Wyoming Center. 

If you lose an item at the Ford Wyoming Center, just head to our Lost & Found page and submit a claim. If your item is found, Boomerang will let you know and give you options for ways to reunite with your missing item. You will then be able to pick up your item at the Ford Wyoming Center or have it shipped back to you. 

For more information about Boomerang, click here.